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What is SurveyRewardz?
SurveyRewardz is a survey site that provides you with the best fitting surveys and helps you to complete more targeted surveys. You will get paid in your preferred currency through your favorite rewards platform.
How does SurveyRewardz work?
  1. Enter your email address to get started
  2. Answer some profile questions about yourself and our system will select the best survey for you based on your answers
  3. Complete surveys honestly and completely
  4. Get paid for your efforts through with your favorite redemption method
How will I get paid?
  1. You will enter SurveyRewardz through your favorite rewards platform
  2. You answer some questions until you qualify for a survey
  3. You must qualify and complete the survey in full
  4. You will get your reward added directly to your account.
  5. Choose your preferred payment method to receive your funds.
How can SurveyRewardz pay me?
Market research companies work with large companies around the world that need the consumer’s feedback about specific products. The market research companies pay SurveyRewardz for every completed surveys. SurveyRewardz will use these funds to pay you in the currency on your favorite rewards platform.
How is SurveyRewardz any different from other survey sites?
SurveyRewardz asks you prequalifier questions and 'routes' you through surveys until there is a good fit just like other survey sites. What is different though, SurveyRewardz is more efficient at matching surveys with your profile so that you will not be disqualified as often and earn more in the valuable time you have available.
Is my information safe?
Your information is locked up safely and cannot be accessed by third parties. SurveyRewardz will not use your information for marketing purposes, only for market research purposes.
Is there a minimum age at SurveyRewardz?
You must be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years old with parental consent in order to participate. Requests may be made to verify your age.
Is there a maximum amount of surveys I can do per day?
There is no maximum amount of surveys you can participate in. Once you have depleted all available surveys we encourage you to check back the next day. New surveys are added every few hours. Chances are there will be something for you the next day.
Does SurveyRewardz only allow respondents from certain countries?
Respondents from ALL countries are allowed. Some countries provide more surveys due to their higher market research needs.
If there are no surveys available for you we encourage you to check back the next day. New surveys are added every few hours. Chances are there will be something for you the next day.

Why do I have to answer all questions honestly?
Companies around the world rely on your honest feedback and use your valuable insights and opinion to improve their products and services. Using inaccurate information will not save you ANY time within the survey but will make your insight useless for the market research companies and their clients. Answering inconsistent information will get you disqualified from SurveyRewardz. Answers are randomly crosschecked and compared with profile information. Providing false information in surveys, speeding or attempting to defraud the advertiser will result in a block and forfeiture of your earnings.
Why did I not qualify for a survey?
All surveys that you see are based on your demographic information, like age, gender, geographic location, interest and so on.
Market research companies create targeted surveys in hopes of reaching specific demographics for their studies. If your profile or responses don’t meet the specific niche they are looking for, you will get screened out or disqualified from their survey. For example, if you are a 25 year old woman you would not qualify for a survey about cosmetics that is targeted towards women between the ages of 30 to 45. Or the target group could be gamers between 13 and 25 years that own an iPhone or maybe Android device and that like to play strategic games. Maybe you are a gamer between 13 and 25 with a mobile device but you like to play shooters. Then you’ll be disqualified from that survey.
So, if you disqualify during a pre-screening for example, the reasons could be that you didn’t fit in the target group or the amount of respondents is already reached. Keep in mind – your responses are never right or wrong, you just have to answer truthfully and either you are the target group for that survey or you’re not.
There are surveys available for all ages and target groups and we try our best to provide you with new earning opportunities. So, check the survey area daily to see what’s available to you!
Why did I disqualify at the end of my survey?
Surveys work in real time. If the amount of responses needed by the market research company is reached while you were in the survey you will receive a "closed" or "over quota" message at that point in the survey.
Another reason for disqualification might be that you answer questions too quickly, control questions were answered incorrectly or your answers didn’t match the information that you filled out in the profiles or surveys before.
What can I do to qualify for surveys more often?
The more profile questions you answer the more detailed our system can target surveys that are a match for you and filter out all surveys that you will not qualify for. If we have limited information available we might have to ask you a few questions to find out if you qualify for the survey. We will remember those answers so it will be easier to qualify next time.
Why do I have to answer so many questions about myself?
The more our system knows the better our system can match surveys with you that are relevant and have a higher chance of qualification. SurveyRewardz will store your information securily and remember your information next time you visit.
Why do I have to fill out my email address?
When you enter your email address our system can remember you and all questions you answered next time which means you won't have to answer the same questions over and over.
Will SurveyRewardz send me emails?
SurveyRewardz may contact you through email for market research purposes. Surveys that are a good match with you as well as high payout follow up surveys will be communicated to you through email or once you enter SurveyRewardz. You will be able to opt out of emails through the unsubscribe button. Make sure to check the website once every few days. SurveyRewardz will not contact you for marketing purposes or sell your email address to third parties.

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